Samsung HVAC is a global leader in manufacturing heat and heat recovery variable refrigerant flow systems in air or water cooled versions, as well as air cooled modular chillers.

Addison is a leading supplier of configurable, semi-custom HVAC equipment, with a focus in 100% outdoor air. Specializing in packaged RTUs, split systems, air handlers, and vertical indoor WSHPs for commercial, industrial, health care, k-12, university, government and military applications.


Make-Up Air:

Packaged DOAS RTU

Inline Filtered

Modular Packaged Unit

Rooftop Filtered

Fans and Ventilators:

Axial Roof-mount

Axial Wall-mount

Ceiling & Inline

Centrifugal Downblast

Centrifugal Upblast

Gravity Vent

High Volume Low Speed


Utility Sets


Compact Direct Fired

Direct Fired

Direct Fired Industrial Horizontal

Direct Fired Industrial Vertical


Indirect Fired

High Quality Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment For Office, School, Restaurant, Health Care & Retail Applications

Packaged Rooftop Units From 2-25 Tons

Split Systems From 2-20 Tons

Packaged Rooftop Units & Split Systems Available As Air Source Heat Pumps

Manufacturers Of Superior Quality Isothermal & Adiabatic Humidification Systems
• humiFog Adiabatic: Air Handler/Duct Systems, RO Or DI Water, 220-11,000 Lbs./Hr.
• humiFog Adiabatic Direct: Space Dispersion System, RO Or DI Water, 3-200 Lbs./Hr.
• mc Multizone Adiabatic: Compressed Air w/ RO Or DI Water, Space Or Duct Mounted,
6-2,000 Lbs./Hr.
• humiDisk Adiabatic: Centrifugal Atomizer, Direct Space Dispersion, RO. DI Or Potable Water, 3.3-16 Lbs./Hr.
• humiSteam Xplus Isothermal: Immersed Electrode Humidifier, Space OR Duct Dispersion, Potable Water, 3.3-287 Lbs./Hr.
• heaterSteam Isothermal: Resistive Element Steam Humidifier. Space Or Duct Dispersion, RO, DI Or Potable Water, 4.4-176 Lbs./Hr.
• gasSteam Isothermal: Gas-Fired Steam Humidifier, LP Or Natural Gas, RO, DI Or Potable Water, 100-990 Lbs. Hr.
• ultimateSam Isothermal: Centralized Short Absorption Steam Distributors, Duct Or Air Handler Dispersion, Clean Steam Required, 44-2,440 Lbs./Hr.


Packaged or Split System Horizontal/Vertical Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifiers

100% Outdoor Dehumidification Systems

Replacement Dehumidifiers

Indoor Grow-House Dehumidifiers

Indoor Pool Rooms And Natatoriums

SpinnakerCustom Rooftop & Indoor Air Handlers

100% Packaged Outdoor Air Units

Packaged Rooftop Water Source Heat Pumps

Rotary Energy Recovery Units

Vertical Indoor Air/Water Cooled Air Conditioners

Air Rotation Units

Marvair            Self-Contained Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Products For Telecommunication Buildings, School Classrooms, and  Commercial/Industrial Structures


A division of Airxcel, Inc., Industrial Climate Engineering (ICE) manufacturers wall mounted, increased safety climate control systems from 12,000 to 240,000 BTUH’s (NEC Class 1, Division 2- Group A,B,C,D, Temp Code T3), as well as general purpose Industrial and Specialty climate control systems from 6,000 to 360,000 BTUH’s

Capitol CoilReplacement Chilled Water

Hot Water, Steam, DX, Custom Coils

Horizontal/Vertical Air Handlers & Fan Coils

Replacement Tube Bundles (Steam/HW Heat Exchangers)

Fluid Coolers


Electric Duct Heaters

Variable Air Volume Terminal Units (Standard or Fan Powered w/ Hot Water or Electric Heat)

Valid Air Diffusers (Multi- Directional Air Flow Options)

VAV Diffusers

High Filtration Air Diffusers

QMARKArchitectural Electric Wall & Ceiling Heaters

Electric Duct Heaters

Washdown Electric Heaters

Explosion Proof Unit Heaters

Electric Radiant Heaters

Baseboard & Convector Heaters

Portable Electric Heaters

Electric Cabinet Heaters

sterlingDirect/Indirect Fired Natural Gas/LP Make Up Air Units (DX/CW Cooling Capable)

ERV Units

Natural Gas/LP/Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters

Baseboard Convenctors

In Line Duct Furnaces (Indoor and Outdoor)

Infrared Spot/Area Heaters


Custom HVAC/R Aluminum/Copper Coils

Quick Ship Program

OEM Replacement Coils

Stock Booster Coils

Treated Coils For Aggressive Atmosphere Applications

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