From Our Clients

“Paul, I am pleased to learn of your new business and continued service here in the Cincinnati – Dayton area. For the last 20 years, at the consulting firms I have been part of, we have had the pleasure to be served by you… We look forward to the continued relationship. It is my pleasure to offer a highest recommendation of yourself and Bennett Mechanical Systems to all principals and clients. There are few representatives that are as accessible, knowledgeable and above all responsive to our needs in specifying and designing mechanical systems. We base the largest portion of our work on your equipment based largely on the available support and representation that you bring to bear. Having spent many years on the contracting side of the business and now many on the consulting engineering side of the business I can say with certainty that you have provided a level of service and support that are the best available in this market and far exceed the service we have experienced in other markets. There is every reason to continue this relationship with Bennett Mechanical Systems going forward. We have current and upcoming projects that you have been instrumental in helping us complete and ultimately get into service for our clients.Thank you for the opportunity to submit this recommendation, it is seldom we get to participate with new ventures that will build on a solid base of trust and responsiveness to make the work even better”.


Project Manager

Dayton, OH

“Justin is a great resource, he knows his product line well. He understands how to apply his knowledge and products to create solutions that make customers happy. Justin’s solutions satisfy the need for energy savings over the life of the equipment and need for quality equipment”.


Director of Energy Service Operations

“I’m writing to you regarding Mr. Paul Bennett. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul for over two decades. Paul has been a manufacturers engineering representative for equipment I have specified on multiple projects and applications for many years. Paul always provides thorough engineering and technical support that exceeds the level of support we receive from other equipment representatives. He answers questions accurately, truthfully, turns around technical data and submittal information quickly. He also follows up on projects to ensure everything is going as specified. Paul is very knowledgeable of the manufacturer’s equipment he represents. He’s one of the few manufacturer’s representatives I can truly count on. When I have an application that needs the type of equipment that he represents, I start with Paul. Paul also sets the bar for professionalism, integrity, courtesy and responsiveness. Other manufacturer representatives could learn a lot from him. I believe any company would be very fortunate to have Paul as their representative”.

Steve, ME

Cincinnati, OH


“I want to express my confidence in Paul Bennett… I have worked with Paul for 20 years. He has impressed me with his knowledge… He is responsive to my requests and I seldom wait 24-hours for a response. My clients are typically a non-standard packaged equipment application and Paul has been able to understand the customization of a packaged unit to meet the demands of the application.

Paul also has very high integrity. I have never lacked confidence in his word. He states the facts whether they are popular or not, such as extended shipping dates and follows-up on issues with professional communications”.

John, PE

VP, Special Projects

Cincinnati, OH

“I would like to convey my endorsement of Justin Bennett. In my experience in working with Justin on a wide variety of projects, I have found him to be very responsive and keenly proactive in supporting our capital projects across the country. His professionalism and can-do attitude towards customers makes it a pleasure to work with him, and I remain confident that he will carry these attributes forward into his new position at Bennett Mechanical Systems. I look forward to working with Justin on future projects”.


Store Planning, Architecture, Design & Engineering

Cincinnati, OH

“I have known Paul for approximately 15 years and Justin 4 years. They have provided expertise on equipment selections and project support. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive.

I will continue to contact them for our needs on mechanical systems”.

Matt, PE

Cincinnati, OH

“I have been purchasing equipment from Paul Bennett for many years… His customer service has been exemplary. He always gets me quotes quickly, gets answers to my questions, and handles any problems.  He is one of my better vendors. I am a licensed PE and do mostly design / build work.  I have very few restrictions on what vendors to use because my clients trust we will provide the best solution…I use Paul because of his service”.

Thomas, PE


Cincinnati, OH

“In my dealings with Justin over the years I have found him to be a valuable asset and quite knowledgeable with his product. I recommend Justin highly”.



Cincinnati, OH

“I have known Paul for over 20 years and we have become friends, trying to get together for lunch on a monthly basis where we talk business & family.  Paul is very knowledgeable, honest and quick to respond.  Paul is our go to guy…Myself and 4 other Engineers specify his equipment on a regular basis. We can always rely on Paul for selecting the correct product for each application”.


Mechanical Designer

Cincinnati, OH

“Justin is professional, detail oriented, and provides great results for any project. He has a great personality and I enjoyed working with him very much”.

Lou, ME

Cincinnati, OH

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